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The Ultimate Guide to Cost of Scaffolding & Prices

The concept of scaffolding London is fairly simple but understanding the typical costs can be complex. The cost of scaffolding depends on how long you keep the scaffolding structure erected and many other factors involved. Here we have all the cost information that you need to know. We keep the Scaffolding in accordance to what customers need. So fasten your seat belt and let us take you to all the factors and how do they affect cost. If you want to know about scaffolding prices and costs, you are at the right place. There are a lot of factors that influence the price of scaffolding that makes it hard to estimate the cost without knowing the ins and outs of your requirement to tell you how much you’ll need to pay.

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Factors Affecting Scaffolding Costs

Whether you want small home maintenance or to build a home from a scratch, it is most likely that scaffolding will be required. As you need one, lets us walk you through the factors that affect the cost of scaffolding.

1. Duration of Renting

This is the major cost variable that any layman will think of first. The length of hiring can range from one to eight weeks, depending how long your project is and you will be quoted a price for that time.

2. Location

Location really matters when it comes to the price as hiring in a city like London can be up to three times the price for setting in a rural area. The fact is, everything in London is more expensive.

3. Height

The higher the scaffolding structure is, the more metal poles and wooden boards are required hence increasing the cost. This might seem obvious but it makes a huge difference to the cost.

4. Levels Required

This is in continuation with height, if you are painting a house rather than fixing something than

you’ll need more levels and walkways.

5. Additional Requirements

A typical scaffolding job is simple traditional layout when it comes to putting up the actual structure. However at times you run into technical problems where special walkways needs to be created or gaps bridged over. The equipment to these unforeseen requirements is readily available but it increases the cost.

6. Public Access Restriction

Certain projects require setting up scaffolding on a public road or footpath which will require permission from the local council. This will further increase the cost of scaffolding as it will impact the duration of the project. So make sure to get the permission first before engaging the scaffolding company.

7. Easy Access

The scaffolding costs varies greatly when it comes to how easily accessible your building is. If the scaffolding frame is set up quickly and efficiently, you can expect low costs especially if you are paying day rate. If scaffolding has to be maneuvered through tight passages or through the building then expect the cost to go up.

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How do They Affect Scaffolding Cost?

The cost of scaffolding is dependent upon:

  • The distance of the job from our yard.
  • Depends upon the size of scaffolding
  • The difficulty of access

Therefore in order to provide a better quote to customers, we meet them at the site so as to have an idea of the job.

Material used in Scaffolding

The material that is commonly used for scaffolding is tubes that are usually made of steel and aluminum while wooden planks are used for small scale project. The wood is commonly used for the scaffold base to support the weight of workers and materials on the project. Not only this, non-conductive scaffolding material is also used for the projects where scaffolding is required close to electrical wiring.

How long you can keep the scaffold?

Scaffolding is booked in slots, you can commonly book the initial rent period between one to four weeks minimum. The cost of scaffolding will be according to the cost of labor in relation to size and time it takes to set up. A tip from us, if your project is taking longer than expected then discuss and try to negotiate a price per day or per week for extra time in order to get best deal.

Do you need a permit for scaffolding?

According to British policy, in the UK everyone who intends to set up a scaffold structure needs a permit to ensure all safety standards are adhered to and reduces the risk of injury. The scaffolding company must obtain a permit before work starts and you should ensure that they have one.

Rules and regulation in scaffolding Industry

At any building site there are a set of rules, regulations and standards that must be adhered to. Even if you are putting up one story or eight story scaffold, the rules must be followed. The standards varies from ensuring good quality material is used to the size of the parts needed in a scaffold. The “work at height” regulations in the UK industry have been set up by the National Access and Scaffolding Confederation (NASC) to minimize the risk of injury and falling.

The regulations that you need to abide by are below.

  • There must be appropriate planning and organization of all work at height
  • Each worker at height must be a competent professional
  • The risk assessment of work at height must be carried out first and then suitable work equipment should be selected and used
  • There must be a proper control of risk from fragile surfaces
  • The scaffolding equipment must be properly examined and upheld.

The cost of scaffolding for a house

Loft conversion

This is the most common scaffolding and its cost depends on specific needs like dimension of loft, ease of access and the complexity involved. The cost of scaffolding per square meter is £16 while additional materials start at £9 per square meter while edge protectors and handrails cost £10.

Conservatory Scaffolding

No matter how small your building or repair work is, if you have a conservatory then you will need to build a bridge over it. Depending on your location in UK and the conservatory size, the cost will range between £450 and £900 per week

Scaffolding Around Chimney

This scaffolding is set over the highest part of the roof over the ridge where two roof areas intersect. As the worker needs access to all sides of the chimney the estimating cost of scaffolding would be around£65 per day or £420 a week.

Hiring Access Tower For Gutter Repair

Hiring access tower for gutter repair will cost from £65 a week, however you can end up paying over £120. You might need a single tower to fix a leaking gutter or replace few roof tiles but this work will still cost you between £250 and £300.

House Types

  • 4 story house- scaffolding for four story semi-detached house will cost around £1,000 to £1,250 a week.
  • 2 bed house- according to your location cost will fall between £750 and £900 per week.
  • 3bed house- the average cost varies between £900 and £1,150 per week.
  • 10 meter scaffold till first floor- it will take 2 to 3 hours to set up and the cost price per week would be £550-£700.
  • Wall work on the terraced house- this work is higher in general so the cost of scaffolding you would have to pay would be £310 for a single side per week.

Don’t get confused with a lump sum scaffolding cost estimate some company gave you

Understanding the concept of scaffolding is not as complex as estimating and reasoning the factors affecting the cost of scaffolding. However, when you reach us, we give you a detailed idea of the cost along with the factors involved at your site with a thorough risk assessment of work at height, total area, the time it is required for, amount of material needed, levels required, location and many other factors. We just don’t leave you there with some digits on a paper to ponder over, we hold your hand and take you through all the tiny details until you are satisfied.

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