What are the 3 Types of Scaffolds?

What are the 3 Types of Scaffolds?

If you work in the construction industry or are involved in making bigger home improvements, then you must have made terms with some sort of scaffolding in your life. It is a temporary structure erected around a building’s exterior and used during construction, maintenance, or cleaning.  London Scaffolding is built where workers need to work above ground level or in areas which are hard to access. For worker’s safety it is essential that scaffolds are well equipped with guardrails while following specific safety standards. Look at the three categories of scaffolding which exist in today’s world!


Supported Scaffolding London

The first type of scaffold we are going to discuss is a supported scaffolding, consisting platforms that are supported with components such as poles, legs, frames, etc. This scaffold is installed from ground level to above. Generally, in this type of scaffold lumber and poles makes a framed scaffold. A ladder is needed to climb to the center of the ladder. A supported scaffold can also become mobile and moved with connected wheels.

Suspended Scaffolding London

This working platform is suspended from the roof with the help of wire cords, pulleys, chains, switches and levers. The height can be elevated or lowered according to the required level. This form of scaffolding is helpful as it allows you to move up and down the building walls which is possible with supported scaffolding. This scaffolding is particularly effective when you’re painting or repairing one side of the property.

Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts are another type of scaffolding that we are going to discuss here. Aerial lifts are devices installed that can be lifted to other heights and sites. This is helpful for those projects which need the scaffolding to be lifted to another location. In short projects, like maintenance and renovation, aerial lifts are useful. Nevertheless, shackles are important for this form of scaffolding in order to prevent accidental fall from the lift.

Some other Types of Scaffolding London which are not Common

The three main types of scaffold explained above are the commons ones. However, there are several different small structures such as birdcage scaffolding which is used to access a particular location. Cantilever scaffolding is fixed at one end and provides access to hardly reached areas. Whilst an aerial lift can offer greater flexibility than the suspended scaffolding.

Which Scaffolding London Suits your Project?

Now that you’ve gone through this article, you will understand what you need when you will be sorting which scaffolding to use. It’s probably easier to use suspended scaffolding while washing windows in a tall, forty story building. While, it is suitable to use a supported ground scaffolding if you intend to build a home. However, if you need a platform to pull up scaffold in air then aerial approach is recommended.


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